Re.Cen.T. zona

Entrepreneurship Centre Pula

Legal and administrative context 
Name:      Pulski centar za poduzetništvo – Entrepreneurship Centre Pula
Address:   Mletačka 12, 52100 Pula
Phone:     052/ 522-117
Fax:         052/ 522- 119
EN:         1457802
      Account no.: 2500009-1101241564 opened with Hypo Alpe Adria- Bank d.d.
      Legal form: Association of legal entities
      Date of establishment: 19.12.1998
      Registration date: 12.02.1999
      Register number: 18000750
      President of the Association: Vera Radolović B.Econ.
     Founders and members:
Founders: City of Pula, Istrian Region, Municipalities of Medulin, Ližnjan, Marčana, Barban, City of Vodnjan, Pula Herculanea d.o.o., Luka Pula d.o.o., Plinara d.o.o., Tržnica d.o.o., Pulapromet d.o.o., Uljanik Z.P. d.o.o.
Members: Vodovod d.o.o., Pulaparking d.o.o., Monte Giro d.o.o., Castrum d.o.o.
The goals of the ECP are:
as the basis of economic development, to create the conditions and the setting for sustainable development and improvement of the economic activity through cooperation with small and medium sized entrepreneurs and crafts of the City of Pula surrounding area,
• to contribute to the creation of a functional base of entrepreneurs, financial institutions, local and state authorities brought together with the task to improve and develop the small scale and the medium scale economy,
• to secure professional organizational and financial support for small and medium sized entrepreneurs
• to promote the creation of trade associations and societies as efficient methods of organization of small and medium sized entrepreneurs 
The established goals are achieved through the following activities of the PEC:
• grouping of specialists and entrepreneurs who are interested in common work on the development of small and medium sized economy
• active communication with the representatives of the local self-government units
• systematic analysis of the economic situation and the economic fluctuations as a prerequisite for the making of the general and the special planning and program documentation                                                                                               
designing and production of the general and the special planning and program documentation required for the development of small business economy
• information, education and advising of the entrepreneurs
• bringing together and connecting of existing and potential small entrepreneurs from related business activities
market research and analysis
• organising of counselling workshops, public discussions, round tables about the promoting of entrepreneurship 
• development of entrepreneurial infrastructure (business park, entrepreneurship zones, incubators,...)
• forming of a network of consultants that will provide help in the making of business plans
issuing of manuals, brochures, flyers etc. with the purpose to inform the entrepreneurs and to develop an entrepreneurial environment
• co-organising of fairs and other events related to the promotion and development of entrepreneurship
 Trainings – experiences:
1999 - John Richards- " Train the trainers"- 12 persons attending
2000 - "How to attract a customer with a shop window"- 40 shop owners and salespersons
2001 - Barbara Vareško- Pavlović- " Encouraging women’s entrepreneurship in Istria"-20 female entrepreneurs
2001 - Branko Curić, Lorena Brgić- "Now is the time!"- 80 potential and existing entrepreneurs from the Istrian Region.
2001- Barbara Vareško-Pavlović- „Entrepreneurship in the Istrian Region and the City of Pula"- high school graduates of the High School in Economy
2003 - "Crafts in tourism"- round table
2003 - "The development of small and medium sized entrepreneurship” – creative workshops – the department heads of the City of Pula.
2004 - Dubravko Bistrić, Barbara Batelić, Dean Sinković,  Eros Sorić, Roland Cinkopan - "Training of entrepreneurs for the year 2003"- 21 persons attending                              2007  Nataša Vrsaljko - "Communication and motivation", " Non-verbal communication" - 14 persons                                                                                                                        2007 - Snežana Klarić - "Introduction into doing business in the Republic of Croatia”; “The tax system in the Republic of Croatia”- 15 persons attending
2008 – Implementation of the project "Re.Cen.T"

Role of the institution in the project: PARTNER
Representative of the institution in charge of the project: