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ZUM is an association whose aim is to promote the employment and the advanced training of young people. It was established on 12th June 2001. ZUM's mission is to motivate and encourage the young to recognise their possibilities, abilities and skills through information, education and participation in the decision making process.  

ZUM’s activities are divided into 4 courses of action that are followed by different projects.
1. COURSE: Development of cooperation between employers and employees
2. COURSE: Educational workshops and seminars
3. COURSE: Active participation of the young in the work of the local community and cooperation with the representatives of the authorities
4. COURSE: International cooperation
In partnership with the association Metamedij and in cooperation with the Ministry of Family, Veterans’ Affairs and Intergenerational Solidarity, ZUM founded a Youth Centre. The Youth Centre complies with the norm 89 of the National program of action for the youth.

Role in the project: PARTNER
Representative of the institution in charge of the project: