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Study visit for partners and associates

A three day study trip to Trieste and Opicina (Italy) was organised by IDA d.o.o. in cooperation with project partners and associates that took place from 19th to 21st May 2008. This trip was organised within the project activity of education of the trainers. 
The host of the study trip was the Centre for Training "Villaggio formazione" at Opicina, where the participants were greeted by the Director, Massimo Tierno, and where several lectures and round tables were held, principally addressing the goals of the project.

On Monday, 19th May 2008, Simone Faillace, the representative of the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) who is in charge of the education and social policy in his Region introduced himself to the participants of the field trip at the Centre for Training and principally addressed the topics of social exclusion and of the employment of social groups threatened by social exclusion.

The participants had the opportunity to visit Assindustria – the Industrial Association of the Province of Trieste, in Trieste. On that occasion they were greeted by Mr. Alessandro Carta, the Assindustria coordinator, who made a presentation of the current industry in the Region of FVG and discussed the role of large industries in the employment of groups threatened by social exclusion.

On Tuesday, 20th May, the participants attended a series of lectures at the Centre for Training that were related to the actual work of the Centre and the regional system of vocational education and the possibilities to obtain financing from the European Social Fund.
On Wednesday, 21st May, the participants had the opportunity to attend a lecture on the problems of social exclusion by the Director of the Trieste Caritas, Mr. Mario Ravallico who also addressed the topic of the operational methods of the Italian Employment Service, while Mrs. Franca Fabian presented the crafts sector in the Province of Trieste and the possibility of self-employment.

Finally, the participants were greeted by Mr. Giovanni Zonin, the Director of the school Scuola Centrale Formazione who talked about his experience on the activities and projects of the Italian Centres for Vocational Training and on the international projects and examples of good practice in Italy and abroad.

The study trip was successfully completed and the acquired knowledge, the transfer of the know-how principles and the contacts made will certainly contribute to the sustainability of the project.