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Trainings within the project

Trainings for unemployed persons belonging to the target groups of the project began at the beginning of last week.
57 persons attended the first training held in Pazin on 1st April 2008, 48 persons attended the second training held in Labin on 2nd April 2008 while 23 persons attended the third training held in Buje on 4th April 2008. The trainings were led by the newly trained trainers: Nermin Hodžić in Pazin, Dragana Zrnić in Labin and Andrea Debeljuh in Buje.
During the current week IDA has, in cooperation with partners and associates, continued with the implementation of the trainings in the remaining Istrian cities. A training class was so held in Buzet today for 26 participants by the trainer Ana Pernić, with trainings to follow in Rovinj, Poreč, Buje and Pula.
Trainers that had been previously trained in the program held presentations and the participants to the trainings had the opportunity to acquire basic information on the legal bases of entrepreneurship, business planning, accounting and the institutional support framework for entrepreneurs. The goal of the mentioned trainings was to stimulate the unemployed to consider self-employment and to introduce them to the culture of entrepreneurship. All trainings were concluded with a final discussion about the theme of the training and it was in this manner that the knowledge of the project target groups on entrepreneurship was expanded.