Re.Cen.T. zona

First press conference

The implementation of the project Regional Centres for Trainings - Re.Cen.T. officially commenced with the signing of the financing agreement with the European Commission on the 27th November 2007 in Zagreb.
The project will be financed from the PHARE 2005 Programme - Active Employment Measures for Groups Threatened by Social Exclusion. Re.Cen.T.’s purpose is to promote economic and social cohesion with the aim to achieve better professional integration of the groups most threatened by social exclusion on the employment market.                                             The specific goal of the project is to create long term bases for the solution of the problem of unemployment through the education of the employees within organisations on the local level that will implement measures of an active employment policy aimed at the most threatened groups of the unemployed on the employment market in the Region of Istria. In cooperation with the Croatian Employment Service, Branch office in Pula the problem of unemployment was given thorough consideration during the development of the Regional Operative Programme for the Region of Istria. The most important development prerequisites emphasised in the ROP are: education of the unemployed, additional learning to acquire special skills (management and computer skills, team work), employment of women.
The activities of the Re.Cen.T. project have been developed in order to comply with the ROP and the goals the following strategic documents: the National Employment Action Plan of the RC 2005-2008, the Adult Learning Strategy and Action Plan in the RC, the National Competitiveness Council of the RC and the Lisbon Agenda.
There are two groups that make up more than half of the total number of unemployed in Istria: young people under 24 years of age and women over 40. The trainings in the mentioned project are intended precisely for them. The young generations, in general, possess the required knowledge but lack working experience. Most women older than 40 years of age have found that their lack of computer skills represents an obstacle when looking for employment. What is common to both groups is that they both potentially represent successful future entrepreneurs. 
It has been estimated that a total of 520 unemployed persons will undergo trainings organised within the project. 
Project activities:
1. Education of 15 trainers from the Region of Istria who will train the unemployed. The goal of this activity is to create a support network for the unemployed and to commence with the implementation of the trainings in every Istrian city.
2. Trainings of the unemployed in two parts: 
o Preparation of the unemployed for self-employment: training of at least 500 unemployed, of whom at least 50 from each of the 10 Istrian cities. Trainings will be held in the cities in which the unemployed actually live in order to provide them with expert help in their proximate vicinity and allow access to information and knowledge to all those in need without their incurring of any additional (for example: travelling)  costs.
o ECDL education for 20 women over 40 years of age: bearing in mind that lack of computer skills has been emphasised as the principal obstacle in the employment of this group we have organised ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) trainings by licensed teachers to be attended by a group of 20 women selected by the experts from the Croatian Employment Service. The ECDL certificate is awarded to the students that attend training courses and pass an exam in accordance with internationally defined standards. This certificate is a guarantee of good computer skills.
3. Setting up of an information centre for the unemployed that require professional help with employment and self-employment (entrepreneurship) in every City within the Region.
4. Creation of the project web portal as an efficient information and communication tool that will follow the activities during the implementation of the project and that will provide other information on the trainings available during and after the completion of the project.
5. Organisation of the “Career Day” conference. Near the end of the project a conference will be organised with participation of all the actors on the employment market which will also serve as an opportunity for the encounter of unemployed persons and their potential employers. The implemented training activities and the results of the project shall be presented, as well as the work of the info-centres for the unemployed.
6. Making of a promotional DVD about all the activities that were implemented, the experiences of the partners, associates and end-beneficiaries. The purpose of this film will be to show in real light all the activities and procedures that are implemented during a project financed by the European Commission and in this manner motivate the actors from both public and private sectors to actively join our endeavours to make best use of the funds from the programmes available to Croatia.