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About project

The Project Re.Cen.T. - Regional Centres for Trainings (Official name of the project: Training and Contact Points in Istria) was financed from the PHARE 2005 program - Active Employment Measures for Groups Threatened by Social Exclusion.

The implementation of the project began on 27th November 2007 and was concluded on the 27th November 2008.

Leading partner in the project: Istrian Development Agency Ltd.
Other partners: Region of Istria, ZUM - Udruga mladih, Pulski centar za poduzetništvo, City of Poreč and City of Rovinj.
Project associates: HZZ (Croatian Employment Service), Branch office in Pula and the Cities of Buje, Buzet, Labin, Novigrad, Pazin, Umag and Vodnjan.

The total value of the project is 88.230,10 €, out of which 88%, i.e. 77.642,49 € was financed by the EC. 

The overall objective of the project was to promote economic and social cohesion with the aim to achieve better professional integration of the groups most threatened by social exclusion on the employment market.
The specific objective of the project was to create long term bases for the solution of the problem of unemployment through the education of the employees within organisations on the local level that will implement measures of active policy of employment aimed at the most threatened groups of the unemployed on the employment market in the Region of Istria.

The target groups were two groups that make up more than the half of the total number of unemployed in Istria: young people under 24 years of age and women over 40. It was planned that a total of 520 unemployed persons will undergo trainings organised within the project. 

Project activities:
1. Training of trainers

Education of 15 trainers from the Region of Istria (representatives of the local self government units and public institutions) who trained the unemployed
Implementation: five day training classes held between 25th and 29th February 2008.  

2. Trainings for the unemployed 
The trainings for the unemployed were divided into two parts:

A)  Start-up entrepreneurship trainings – for the target group of 300 youths (15-24 years of age) and 200 women over 40 years of age.

During this part of the activities the newly educated trainers held courses under the title “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” in their towns. 
The mentioned training included the following themes: 

  • The legal framework for the establishment of a firm – a step by step course on how to establish a firm, what documentation needs to be submitted and where, who to contact for help; 
  • Fundamental rules of business planning
  • Bases of accounting – what the new entrepreneur needs to know in order to support effectively the work of his/her accountant 
  • Institutional support framework for newly established companies

Implementation: Trainings began on 1st April 2008 and during project implementation 16 trainings have been held in all Istrian cities for a total of 665 participants.  The training included also Istrian youths in their final years of high school that the organisers wished to inform since they will soon be entering into the employment market and since they potentially represent successful future entrepreneurs. 

B)  ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) trainings – education for 20 women over 40 years of age

The target group included 20 unemployed women over 40 years of age. This training was included into the project because it was found out that it is precisely in this social group that computer illiteracy represents a serious obstacle to successful employment. 120 hours of education rendered possible for the course participants to obtain the ECDL certification recognized in all Europe, free of charge. The certificates were awarded to the graduates at a ceremony during the media conference on 26th May 2008 that took place at IDA’s offices. The mentioned certificate will significantly improve their position on the employment market, since such documents provide a guarantee of their good computer skills essential to the employers. 
The office of the assistant to the project, further to a partnership agreement, was held by the Croatian Employment Institute – Branch office in Pula, which selected the participants, secured daily attendance allowances for the time of duration of the training and covered the travelling costs.

Implementation: This activity was implemented from 25th February until 5th May 2008.

3. Setting up of info points
Setting up of  information centres for the unemployed that require professional help with employment and self-employment (entrepreneurship) in every town within the Region

Implementation: Info-centres have been operational since June 2008 and continued to be active until the completion of the project (27th November 2008). 

Every single trainer acted as an information centre for the unemployed in his town and was at disposal for any information related to entrepreneurship. The contact persons will be available ina all Istrian towns for any information for the unemployed even sfter project ends. Contact information can be found here.     

4. Organization of the final conference 
The organization of the final project conference under the title “Career Day” – a matching between the needs of the employers and the unemployed and the presentation of the results of the successful implementation of the project.
Implementation: This activity has been implemented on 13th November 2008.

5. Dissemination activities  
Presentation of the project through the media (TV shows, press conferences), preparation of flyers, brochures, materials related to the educational sessions and making of a DVD with a film that documents all the activities that were implemented and the experiences of the participants.

Implementation: All the project activities received good media coverage and a promotional DVD has been prepared containing materials taped during the implementation of various activities. The DVD had its premiere at the final conference. 

5. Web site of the project
Creation of the project web portal as an efficient information and communication tool.